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Fall 2021

As we embark on yet another school year affected by the pandemic, your NMAOSA leadership team is committed to bringing you helpful, relevant workshops to energize your teaching and inspire you in these uncertain times.

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Spring 2021

Our chapter had a very productive virtual year! We took advantage of the need to be online to offer extra workshops this year, hosting six valuable professional development events instead of our usual four, pulling in presenters from all over the country.


Fall 2020

We face challenges this year, but we face them together, with the collective creativity and professionalism of our membership and board. Together, we will bring meaningful, creative, aesthetic musical experiences to our students, because the arts are truly essential!

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Fall 2019

The Kokopellii


Experience first, then intellectualize – Carl Orff

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Fall 2018

We have had a wonderful year here at the New Mexico Chapter of AOSA. We started with Joshua Block’s workshop “Play Your Way to Composition.” Through this workshop, I saw some of the most creative and hilarious movement versions of “Long-legged Sailor” as well as learned that “Plansies, Clapsies” has a ball game that elevated it from a song I knew to one I want to use in my classroom.

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