Folk Dancing from Afar

Rob Amchin, Louisville, Kentucky

August 29, 2020

Projects and Possibilities

New Mexico AOSA, October 24, 2020

Beth Melin Nelson

Opening and Body Percussion Visuals
Effortless Play: Creativity and Community in Distance Learning

New Mexico AOSA, December 5, 2020

Matthew Stensrud

Matthew Stensrud Workshop pt. 1

Matthew Stensrud Workshop pt. 2

Sing, Say, Dance, Play, CLICK! Fostering Creation for the Digital World

New Mexico AOSA, January 23, 2021

Cat Woo and Ashleigh Lore

Cat Woo and Ashleigh Lore Workshop pt. 1

Cat Woo and Ashleigh Lore Workshop pt. 2

Upcoming Events

  • Engaging All Learners in Creative Community with Angela Leonhardt
    Sat, Dec 04
    Location is TBD
    Sing, Say, Dance and Play to channel student’s sense of curiosity while laying the foundation for musical literacy. Rhyming texts, silly stories, dances and imagination run wild as we explore music and movement in a collaborative setting to create student centered classrooms.
  • Kate Bright
    Sat, Mar 12
    Location is TBD
  • Differentiated Orff: Song, Dance & Assessment
    Sat, Apr 09
    Location is TBD
    Discover fun and innovative ways to engage students of all skill levels, across the music curriculum together in your music program. We will learn a wide variety of activities that allow you opportunities to assess the students easily through games and differentiated instruction. Activities will fo